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About E-ZPass


E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection method that makes traveling more convenient and quicker as you travel through participating toll facilities, and helps reduce traffic congestion for everyone.

Conventional toll collection methods require you to deposit coins, tickets, and tokens at toll plazas. This hurts highway capacity because the number of vehicles that can be processed at toll plazas is limited.

E-ZPass customers travel thru toll plazas in specially designated lanes where the toll is paid electronically from a pre-paid account, most times without having to stop, and in many cases at near highway speeds. It is important to follow the designated speed limits wherever you use your E-ZPass.

E-ZPass Plus is a quick, easy, convenient way to pay for parking at any participating facility.

 Below are some of the participating facilities:
  • Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ
  • LaGuardia International Airport, New York, NY
  • JFK International Airport, New York, NY
  • Albany International Airport, Albany, NY
  • Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic City, NJ
  • New York Avenue Parking Garage, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Great New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY 


Once you have established an E-ZPass prepaid account with one of the participating agencies, you will receive a small electronic transponder that attaches to the inside of the windshield of your vehicle.

When you travel thru a toll facility where E-ZPass is accepted, an antenna at the toll plaza will read your transponder and your account will be debited the appropriate amount for the toll. 

Toll agencies participating in the E-ZPass program offer several choices for their customers to replenish funds in their accounts. The most convenient method of replenishment for customers is the auto replenishment feature, whereby your account is automatically replenished whenever your account balance is low, by charging a credit card you designate for that purpose.  No credit card?  No problem!  Customers may replenish their accounts with cash as well.


You can enroll in the E-ZPass Program by simply applying online to one of the participating agencies or by visiting one of the customer service centers.


ZPass For a list of toll roads, bridges and tunnels in states that offer E-ZPass, click on a state in the map on this page for information on E-ZPass toll facilities in that state. (The states in blue do not offer E-ZPass services).

Click on a state for links and information

2017Map SouthCarolina is out-of-network. Florida is out-of-network. Georgia is out-of-network. Illinois accepts E-ZPass! Indiana accepts E-ZPass! West Virginia accepts E-ZPass! Virginia accepts E-ZPass! Maryland accepts E-ZPass! Delaware accepts E-ZPass! New Jersey accepts E-ZPass! Pennsylvania accepts E-ZPass! Massachusetts accepts E-ZPass! New York accepts E-ZPass! New Hampshire accepts E-ZPass! Rhode Island accepts E-ZPass! Maine accepts E-ZPass! Ohio accepts E-ZPass! North Carolina accepts E-ZPass! Kentucky